Julia Baker is the first of our lovely Trustees to provide a Top Tip for our website …. and it’s bananas !!

What To Do With Old Bananas …

If you bought a Kitchen Wisdom cook book but haven’t cooked anything yet, try this. Those old bananas which you don’t fancy eating but feel guilty about throwing away will freeze beautifully in a bag or box. Unfreeze on a plate as they will be squelchy and black. Don’t worry, just cut the end off and squoosh the bananas in to the mixing bowl.
This is delicious cake and can be gluten free or not and the combination of dried fruits is endless. Soft pears might be nice instead of bananas, not tried those though.
I took these to my WI when I was on tea duty. A member on a diet came back for another slice!
See Page 106 Kitchen WIsdom