Greetings from Wolston WI…

LOOKING BACK over the last few weeks of Lockdown, it is now feeling more and more like a way of life, and the future remains uncertain – what will the ‘new normal’ be like?
Some members took the advice from the Government and went into ‘self-isolation’ before ‘lockdown’ came in. So our first thought and main concern was that members would all be safe and well and that they would be able to get food and the basic necessities.
Ann, our President, immediately put out a letter asking for volunteers who could do deliveries and/or make phone calls for chats etc, particularly for those members on their own. Members were also asked if they, or if they knew of anyone, who were in need of basic necessities and food, if so to contact her, then a work party could be organised.
At that time there was very little else that we felt we could do but as the weeks went on it became apparent that the NHS were in need of scrubs, scrub bags and also headbands. Knitted hearts were also asked for at a time when grieving families could not see their dying relatives, the WI went into action! Individuals and other groups in the village were doing similar things, and with the wonder of the internet and social media we linked up and supported one another in these endeavours.

As we approached our first non-meeting in April we thought what do we do about committee minutes and meeting minutes?
It was felt that future generations looking BACK through the minutes should be reminded of this Pandemic and what life was like, so it was decided to do a history of the situation so far to replace the minutes, this was duly done and approved by members.
Again the marvels of the Internet enabled groups/families to ‘see’ one another and keep in touch. Virtual committee meetings began with the main concern of keeping in touch with members.

A surprise virtual afternoon tea was even organised for a member with a special birthday!
Village VE Day celebrations were cancelled so with our plans of taking part no longer possible, we felt to keep in contact with members and to give something BACK to them was important. So at the same time supporting The Royal British Legion, 62 of their pens were bought then wrapped up in red, white and blue crepe paper, cards were made to go with them and they were delivered on 8th May to all members.

Looking forward, planning is in place for a ‘Zoom’ meeting, there is the possibility of having a WI allotment, (misquoting – going to our PAST, are we ‘Digging for Fitness’?)
Face masks are possibly the new fashion statement, will our craft group (now meeting via zoom) get making? Watch this space!

So why the highlighted words and numbers? Turning ‘back’ 62 making 26, Wolston WI has completed Federation’s 26 challenge!!