We know that to keep going is easier said than done sometimes, especially at the moment … and so with this in mind we would love to hear from you to find out what your WI has been doing.

We saw lots of meetings in bags at Christmas and we know that some of you now do your meetings on Zoom. 
Have you started a village library?
Do you do your own newsletter
DO you hold WI competitions?
Are you manging to keep your book and craft groups going on line? 
Do you share recipes? 

Here is an update from Stockton WI …

Stockton members are managing to keep in touch with Zoom meetings for our craft and reading groups and the new rambling group is still continuing to walk although just in pairs at
present. Some of us did manage to meet up at distance during the very enjoyable Christmas Lights Trail around our village
Joan Ford will be kept busy for a while as she has volunteered, with Stratford upon Avon Voluntary Services, to help with the booking of transport for the first category of people who
have received their letters inviting them to attend for their vaccinations against the Coronavirus. Well done for stepping up Joan. I hope she still has time to make her delicious
chocolate brownies! Sally tells us that she has recently made hers using sweet potato, what a shame that we can’t try them out until lockdown ends!

Joan has also been putting out quite a large selection of books on her doorstep for everyone, not just the WI, to take and some of us have been taking books to her doorstep
but we always seem to bring other books away!

We have always as a group been active during the month of February joining in the Green Hearts – Show the Love – Climate Change campaign. Usually we make, sew, paint etc green
hearts to remind ourselves and our local politicians about Climate Change. This year we in Stockton are extending this message into the community, and are making as many green
hearts as we can for display in our windows, on doors and on message boards across the village.
We have also placed a message in our local Stockton’s News explaining about the campaign and hope that we have local children joining in.
We do hope we can share some lovely green heart display photos shortly.

Thanks to Alwyn Farren for sharing this