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Warwickshire Federation Centenary Show and Fair

August 18, 2018

It’s going to be a great show with over 400 entries from across the county …

Accepting Entries
Friday 17th August 4.30pm to 6pm
Saturday 18th August 9am to 10.30am

Judging time
11am to 1pm Saturday 18th August

Open to Public
2pm Saturday 18th August

Cut Flowers & Vegetables
Floral Art
Preserves & Cookery
Art & Photography
Children’s Classes

Introduction to the Show and Rules

One of the highlights of our Centenary Summer is a Federation Craft and Produce Show, where we plan to showcase all that the WI has to offer and the wide range of skills and expertise that members possess. As you can see from the Schedule there is something for everyone.

During the day there will be many other attractions to enjoy. Bring family and friends and enjoy a picnic in the grounds of Napton Village Hall.

When the hall is open for viewing there will be lots to look at and we can all admire the handiwork of fellow members, encouraging us all to have ‘a go’ at something new in the future. The Federation runs many workshops; look out for one that tempts you to broaden your skills.

The entry form can be photocopied so that all members have the opportunity to take part.

Rules for Exhibitors

• Exhibitors must be members of a Warwickshire Federation WI.
• One entry per person per individual class
• Decisions of the judges will be final.
• Exhibits must be the work of the competitor and should not have been shown at a previous WI Show.
• WFWI will take all possible care of exhibits but will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.
• Exhibitors should provide their own containers for display purposes.
• All exhibits must remain staged throughout the Show and only collected at the end.
• A Novice is a competitor who has never won an award in the Section they wish to enter at a WI Federation Show
• A Cooperative Class is a joint entry by two or more WI Members or as stated in the schedule on behalf of their WI.
• One entry per WI for classes 20, 30 and 47
• Home cookery items must be covered in clear plastic or plastic film and presented on an appropriate dish/plate. Covers will be removed for judging, then replaced. No plastic boxes allowed.
• Due to the Food Safety Act 1991, we are unable to accept entries containing raw eggs, soft cheese, pâtés or any other pre-cooked meats.

Section 1 “Vegetables & Cut Flowers “Sow the Seeds”
1. A Selection of Culinary Herbs displayed in a Jam Jar Novice Class
2. A Basket of Salad Produce – maximum size 30cm x 30cm
3. Five Tomatoes (not cherry) staged on a plate provided
4. Three Courgettes 10cm – 20cm in length with flowers attached
5. Three Onions – as grown
6. Three Stems of Gladioli in a vase or container. Any Variety
7. Five Stems of Sweet Peas in a vase or container. Any Variety
8. A Vase of Variegated Foliage – maximum height 45cm
9. One Specimen Rose displayed in a bud vase – Any Variety
10. Three Stems of Roses in a vase – Any Variety or Varieties

Section 2 “Floral Art “A Centenary Festival”
11. Take Three or Five Flowers (Novice Class)
12. A country Basket, 60 x 20cm, Height unlimited
13. An arrangement in a Teacup and Saucer, not exceeding 25cm in height or width
14. An exhibit for a Dining / Buffet Table Centre 60 x 60cm maximum size
15. Centenary Pedestal – An Exhibit of Fresh Flowers and Foliage, accessories may be included. Bring your own Pedestal, maximum floor space 90 x 90cms, height unlimited

Section 3 Preserves & Cookery “Jewels in the Crown”
16. A Jar of Raspberry Jam (Novice Class)
17. A Jar of Marmalade
18. A Jar of Fruit Jelly
19. A Jar of Chutney – Recipe to accompany exhibit
20. A Cooperative or individual Class (one Entry per WI)
A selection of 3 preserves of your choice, staged within a space of 40 x 40cms, height unlimited.
To be viewed from the front, no back or side panels
This Exhibit will be marked for Stage and Interpretation ONLY
Maximum Marks 20 – 10 Marks for Staging, 10 Marks for Interpretation
21. A Fruit Liqueur labelled and presented in a clear glass bottle
22. A Fruit Cordial / Lemonade labelled and presented in a clear glass bottle
23. Five Slices of a Tray Bake (Novice Class)
24. A Cherry Madeira Cake to given Recipe
25. A Decorated Celebration Cake, on a dummy base maximum size 35cms this will be judged solely on the decorative techniques
26. Five Cheese Scones, size 6 cm cutter
27. A Cake using Vegetable/s – Recipe to accompany the cake
28. Five Hob Nobs to given Recipe
29. An Artisan Loaf of Bread (Handmade) not in a Bread machine
30. A Centenary Festival Afternoon Tea for Two (selected to show a variety skills)
A Cooperative Class. One Entry per WI
To be staged on your own card table, to be viewed from the front
An Exhibit of Three Items of Cookery of your own choice, highlighted on your Menu Card, interpreting the theme, accessories may be included to aid presentation
20 Marks will be given for the Staging and Interpretation of the exhibit, plus 20 Marks for each of the Three Cookery Items

Section 4 Craft “Our Heritage”
31. A Hand Knitted Scarf (Novice Class)
32. A Beaded Jewellery Set 3 Items. (2 earrings = one piece)
33. An Appliqued Cushion Cover complete with cushion pad Maximum size 40 x 40cms
34. A Lace Bookmark
35. A book folded Item
36. A handmade Centenary Card maximum size A5
37. Mixed Media – a Collage representing your WI
Maximum size 45 x 35cms to include the mount/frame ready for display
38. A Restored/ recycled Item, with full explanation or photographs of material used
39. Show What You Have Made – any craft item of your choice not listed above
40. A Scarecrow Representing a Lady going to a WI Event – One Entry per WI
Please ensure she is firmly attached to a pole to enable display

Section 5 Art & Photography
41. A Watercolour with a Festival Theme. Ready for hanging.
Maximum size 45 x 35cms.
42. A Black & White Photograph “A WI Event” mounted Maximum size A4
43. A Colour Photograph “ A WI Event” mounted Maximum size A4

Section 6 “The Next Generation” WI Affiliated Children (Children / Grandchildren)
43. A Vegetable Animal
44. A Handmade Bug House
45. A Miniature Garden on a Plate
46. A Decorated Gingerbread Man. Judged for decoration only. (Biscuit may be shop bought)

Section 7 “Finale – Going Forward”
47. Cooperative Class – One Entry per WI. An Exhibit to Portray The Next 100 Years.
To include: A Computer Generated Item, plus two additional items chosen from Cookery, Craft, Preservation, Confectionary, Art, Wine, Photography, Floral Art.
• An exhibit no larger than 90 x 90cm to be displayed on a table provided for you, the table top will be covered in black material
• Must be displayed on your own firm base and include a rigid back, height unlimited
• To be viewed from the front
• Items to be judged should be displayed on a card of intent, (explanation as to the reasons of your choice)
• The exhibit must be the work of at least 3 members
• Maximum Marks 100. 20 for each item to be judged, 20 for Interpretation, 20 for Staging

What the Judges are looking for:

Garden Produce:
• Stage exhibits as attractively as possible
• Prepare vegetables carefully making sure they are clean
• Condition, freshness, cleanliness, tenderness, and free from coarseness and blemishes
• Size: not so overgrown as to be coarse, or too small to be useful in the kitchen
• Uniformity: Size shape or form, colour, and maturity
Cut Flowers:
• Good Condition and quality – that is, when the flower material is in the most perfect stage of beauty
• Fresh and free from damage due to weather, pest, diseases, or faulty handling
• Stems straight, sturdy and leaves healthy. All stems must be in water
• Uniform in age, size, and form
• 70% of the flowers on the stem open
• Well displayed

Floral Art:
• All components should be neat and clean
• Plant material must predominate, be well prepared and in good condition, and stems in water retaining material
• Fresh plant material – living plants / or parts thereof
• An Exhibit can include accessories, but plant material must predominate
• Accessories – any component that is not natural plant material i.e. candles, shells, stones, ribbon. They should be supportive of the theme and in scale
• All entries should show good harmony in choice of texture, form and design, to create balance, scale, and proportion
Preserves: Preservation is a method of keeping fruits and vegetables at their best for use when fresh produce is unavailable or more expensive.
• When Jam/Marmalade is ready for potting fill the jar to the brim immediately, and seal with twist top. No wax disc or cellophane dust cover is required
• Vinegar preserves. Chutney fill to within 4mm of the top while still very hot, use plastic lined twist top to seal.
• State if chutney is hot spicy, sweet or mild
• Chutney should be kept for at least two months to develop flavour
• All preserves must be clearly labelled with the full date of making: day, month, and year
• For better presentation the jar can be polished with a little methylated spirit
• Place the label centrally between the mouldings
• All exhibits in this Section must be covered in clear plastic bags or clear film
Covers will be removed for judging and then replaced
• Due to the Food Safety Act 1991, we are unable to accept entries containing raw eggs, soft cheese, pâtés
and any other pre-cooked meats

Tray Bake
• Evenly cut into slices or squares, edges must be removed
• Cut uniformly check the correct number is displayed (always take a spare or two)
• Any base mixture of cake, biscuits, cereal / pastry can be used
• Make sure all ingredients are evenly distributed

Cheese Scones
• Even shape colour size, twisting the cutter will result in an uneven rise whilst cooking
• Pale gold in colour, texture light and springy
• Good flavour Grated cheese on top

Cake Using Vegetables
• Flavour should be true to type and well balanced, smooth sides
• All lining papers removed, no cooling rack marks on top/base of cake
• Any fruit evenly distributed and no flour pockets

Artisan Bread
• Presented on a bread board
• Handmade, crumb soft and springy to touch, base free from cracks
Craft Classes:
• Design and use of colour
• An item that is fit for purpose, safe and easy to use
• Colour schemes need to be compatible whether complementary or contrasting
• Materials should be appropriate for the design and intended purpose, show the workmanship to best advantage
• This also applies to accessories and trimmings which should be of equal quality
• Items incorporating a variety of appropriate techniques allied to high standards of skilled workmanship will gain higher marks
• Items should be clean, fresh, not showing evidence of wear
Stage and Interpretation:
• Good visual impact, clean, crisp presentation and good use of space
• Staging and accessories should enhance the exhibit, but not overwhelm the judged items
• Similar shapes can create harmony. Height used to advantage
• Good use of colour and texture to create interest
• A variety of skills to portray the theme
• Avoid miniaturisation


175 grams / 6oz butter (softened)
175 grams / 6oz caster sugar
3 large eggs (beaten)
175 grams / 6oz self raising flour
50 grams / 2oz plain flour
225 grams / 8oz glacé cherries halved
75 grams / 3oz ground almonds


Oven temperature 160ºC fan / 140ºC / Gas mark 3
Grease and line a deep 18cm (7 inch) round tin.
Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
Gradually beat in the eggs, one at a time, add a little sieved flour after the each egg.
Sieve and fold in the rest of the SR flour
Wash and drain the cherries and dust with some of the plain flour before carefully folding all the cherries and plain flour in to the cake mixture
Fold in the ground almonds
Put into the prepared tin and bake in the middle of the oven for about 1½ hours until a fine skewer comes out clean when inserted in to the cake.
Remember all ovens vary so be prepared to check on the cooking time


200 grams self raising flour
200 grams sugar
200 grams porridge oats
200 grams margarine
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1 tablespoon warm water
½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda


1. Mix the oats, flour and sugar together.
2. Slowly melt the margarine, syrup and water in a saucepan.
3. Add the Bicarbonate of Soda – it will fizz.
4. Add to the dry ingredients, mix well.
5. Make into smallish balls.
6. Place onto greased trays flatten the surface with a fork.
7. Bake at 180 degrees C, Gas Mark 4 for fifteen minutes.
They need to be golden not brown.

Interested in Attending?

If you are interested in attending this, or any other, event please contact your WI secretary for further details and an application form. If applicable, please try and reference any Event Ref Number(s).


August 18, 2018
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