Application Form – WFWI Examiner to check your WI accounts


The Charity Commission regulations require that every WI has its accounts examined annually by an independent person. Independent means someone who is not a committee member of that WI and not related to any such member. Nationally there is a scheme of WI members who have been trained by NFWI, (in accordance with the Charity Commissioner’s rules) to provide this service to WIs and who also understand the relevance of the constitution of the WI to those accounts. If your WI would like to use this service, please complete the form below and return it to Federation House by Thursday 20th June 2019.

NFWI has set a standard fee of £20.00 for this examination, which will be due to the IFE on completion of the work, plus any costs such as postage or travel. However if the IFE has to undertake additional work in addition to the basic examination, such as balancing the books or the preparation of the financial statement, there may be a further charge for this extra work. This would be agreed between the WI and the IFE. Please do not send any money to Federation House, all fees should be paid directly to your IFE.

Your WI should arrange for the accounts and all relevant papers to be available to the IFE in sufficient time for the examination to have been completed before the WI’s annual meeting when the completed and signed off accounts should be presented to the members.

You will be advised who your IFE is in July, after which time you are welcome to contact them if you have any problems or questions linked to the completion of your accounts. In the meantime feel free to contact your link IFE – as advised in the Federation Yearbook. They are ready and willing to hear from you to help you to resolve any account queries you encounter throughout the year. We hope this will help to ensure that issues are sorted out in good time for your annual meeting.