Julia Baker

Chair Leisure Activities Sub Committee
Health & Safety
Joint Editor Corunna News

A career change from Home Economics teacher in state Secondary schools to running my own small business in Clinical Aromatherapy gave me more time flexibility so I joined Kingswood and Lapworth WI to get to know people in Lapworth, my village.

My first experience of WI committee work saw me take on the refreshments rota – who would have thought so much could go pear – shaped with such a simple job! Some years later, having had my arm firmly twisted, I found myself standing up in front of the meeting with the Presidents’ badge pinned securely to my person.

To my enormous surprise I loved this experience and remained President for 4 years much to the relief of Membership; not because they thought I was good at it but because it ensured they didn’t have to volunteer! Group Organiser for what became The Grand Union Group followed then in 2016 I became a Trustee.

Other interests include swimming and snorkelling; growing house plants and persuading them to flower year after year, some of mine are 40 years old. I play badminton regularly and do Pilates.

T: 01564 783464

Kingswood & Lapworth WI