Office & Finance

This small committee, chaired by the Federation Treasurer, is responsible for ensuring that the finances and administrative activity of the Federation comply with Charity Law and other legislation.

The committee is made up of the Officers of the Federation, the Vice Treasurer, the Federation Administrator, a representative from the Sales Team and has the power to co-opt other trustees who may have relevant skills.

  1. Sue Myhill– Federation Treasurer
  1. Anne Bufton-McCoy – Federation Chair
  2. Julia Baker – Federation Vice Chair
  3. Sarah Casey – Federation Administrator
  4. Sue Ensor – Federation Vice Chair
  5. Representative from Sales Team

Creative Activities

Creative Activities covers all aspects of crafts and the arts. Our aim is to support members providing starter sessions for beginners as well as “Getting Better At” workshops to develop the learning of different techniques and processes.
Over the last few years we have held workshops in a variety of different media often inspired by requests from members. In alternate years we hold the Ros Trophy, a speaking competition and also work on the Corunna Cup Competition which you may have seen when it is staged at the AGM and also put on an annual Literary Lunch at Mallory Court Hotel.

  1. Ruth McCartney – Wolston WI
  1. Terry Barker – Wishaw W
  2. Sonia Cox – Wishaw WI
  3. Lorraine Geddes – Willoughby WI 
  4. Trish Handsley – Newbold Pacey & Ashorne WI
  5. Sue Myhill – Long Itchington WI
  6. Chris Taylor – Leek Wootton WI
  7. Julie Thomas – Warwick Gates WI 
  8. Jane Waters – Kineton WI

Leisure Activities

The Leisure Activities Committee offers a variety of events, trips and activities to appeal to as many members as possible.
Our Annual events are the Darts Tournament and the Treasure Hunt.
Coach Trips to Historic Houses, Gardens and Festivals amongst others are always popular. We aim to introduce new places to visit each year.
Fun sporting activities are also events that we offer and hope to increase. We are happy to receive ideas for these and any events or places you would like to visit.


   Veronica Chapman – Hatton Park WI

  1.  Julia Baker – Kingswood & Lapworth WI
  2. Ann Bowman – Polesworth WI
  3. Maureen Hipkiss – Polesworth WI
  4. Heather Howell – Shrewley WI
  5.  Joyce Ludlow – Kingswood & Lapworth
  6. Sue Musson – Bearley WI
  7. Fiona Riley – Kenilworth WI 
  8. Josephine Royle – Hillmorton Paddox WI

Public Affairs

This committee has a varied remit covering Education, the Environment, Farming, Rural Affairs, Health, Science and Technology.

The committee organises the four Serious Science Lectures and the “Women Reaching Women” Days. Visits to museums and exhibitions are organised.

The Public Affairs committee is responsible for conducting Resolution Briefing Meetings and any work involved with the WI Mandates.

  1. Christine Dyer – Studley  Daytime WI
  1. Beryl Burton – Tanworth in Arden WI
  2. Gillian Crisp –  Norton Lindsey WI
  3. Corinne Davies – Treacle Tarts WI
  4. Anita Dudley – Treacle Tarts WI
  5. Sue Gill – Stockton WI
  6. Pam Hopwood – Stretton on Dunsmore WI
  7. Susan Juned – Great Alne & Kinwarton WI
  8. Sheila King – Ansty & Shilton WI
  9. Judi Smith – Great Alne & Kinwarton WI
  10. Jane Whitehead – Brinklow WI

ACWW – The Associated Country Women of the World

The ACWW is an international organisation supporting rural women & their families through education, training & community development programmes. The NFWI has been affiliated to ACWW since its formation in 1933. WIs can raise money for a specific project, to which Warwickshire Federation has pledged its support.

ACWW Website:

Membership & Promotion

This committee is made up of 6 WI advisers and the officers of the Board of Trustees. Advisers are trained and appointed by the National Federation to work with all the WIs in Warwickshire.

Their role is to help and support WIs to function as well as possible, by offering advice about the WI constitution, and offering workshops and training for all members of WI committees. During the year workshops are run to support committee roles and ideas of topics that would be of use to committees are always valued. It is their responsibility to look for suitable areas in which to open new WIs and to suspend / close WIs when necessary.

Promoting the WI across the Federation is an important part of their work and they are very happy to attend events in your area where this could happen. A gazebo is available and Advisers can bring this, with promotional material, to advertise the WI and support you in encouraging new members to attend your meetings.

Advisers are happy to attend your Annual meeting to help with the election of new committees and to iron out any problems. They would also be pleased to hear from you if you would like them to attend a meeting to meet your members during the year. They can also give a free* talk about the history of the WI (*mileage only)

Listed here are details of the advisers and the WIs to which they are linked. Your link Adviser is always happy to help with any questions that you might have about the running of your WI. Either call or send an email if you have a question or concern that you would like help with.

  1. Sue Ensor – The Revel WI
  2. Anita Dudley – Treacle Tarts WI
  3. Liz Fox – Claverdon & Stratford Lite WI
  4. Yvette Hunt – Brailes WI 
  5. Ruth McCartney – Wolston WI
  6. Lynne Stubbings – Wishaw W