Sue Myhill

Federation Treasurer

My first experience of the WI was not planned nor consciously thought about. My good friend constantly asked me to go, so I thought perhaps I should attend a meeting just to please her. I was convinced it was not going to be for me but how wrong I was. What is more (having never made a jar of jam in my life) it didn’t matter. Gradually without realising it, ones interests were discovered and utilised within the Institute and ones skills were identified and put to good use.

My passion is all kind of sewing and sewing related crafts from antique samplers and patterns to heirloom quilting. I love to see someone achieve a goal they thought was beyond them and teaching sewing skills to WI groups and encouraging them to take up a needle or dust down the sewing machine gives me great satisfaction I am also become a local judge of Craft for Warwickshire and a member of the Creative Activities Sub Committee.

In October 2016 I was invited to join the Board of Trustees. This appointment means a lot to me and I hope I can help and support branches and individuals to grow and enjoy the wealth of experience the W.I. both locally and nationally has to offer. I am delighted to be undertaking the role of

Federation Treasurer as (once again) the WI has found a way to utilise my interests and skills!
My good friend is still my good friend and thanks to her and my thriving branch of the WI, life is good and fulfilling and long may it continue to be so.


Long Itchington WI