Yvette Hunt

Assistant Federation Treasurer
Judges Co-ordinator
WI Advisor
Sales Team

I became interested in the WI whilst on the Shipston in Bloom committee as we were looking for helpers and everyone said if you want something done well ask the ladies of the WI!

I was in my forties and like a lot of ladies thought you had to be of a certain age to belong to the WI and was pleasantly surprised to meet lots of women of all ages full of fun, passionate about life and their community along with wider issues.

Although living in Shipston, I eventually joined Brailes WI as it was on a night suiting my family life and I was made extremely welcome. After a short time, I was approached to join the committee which was an excellent way of getting to know everyone and how the WI works as an organisation which I found fascinating. Very quickly I took on the role of President for three years which I absolutely loved and was approached to observe on a committee at County level and help at County events.

This led to training to become an Adviser and visiting other WI’s observing how they fulfil the objectives of the constitution and seeing first hand education is something to embark on for a lifetime.

I am proud to be a Trustee for Warwickshire and would like to emphasise to every member to think about coming forward to join in at every level and get the most out of this wonderful organisation we all belong to.

T: 01608 664064

Brailes WI