Structure of the WI

National Federation

The national headquarters of the WI are located in London. There is also have an office in Cardiff for NFWI-Wales.

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) employs around 70 staff, headed by a General Secretary. WI Enterprises is the trading arm of the organisation, which exists to raise funds and provide benefits for members.

Regional Federations

Each WI is self-governing within the framework of the WI constitution and rules, and belongs to one of 69 regional federations – each with a regional office. The 6,300 WIs and 69 federations make up the National Federation.

Each level of the organisation is run by a committee of elected members. The Warwickshire Board of Trustees is democratically elected every two years by WI members in this area.

Interested in forming your own WI?

If you and a group of friends are interested in starting a new WI in your area and know of a suitable venue for your meetings please contact the office. A WI adviser will be pleased to contact you to offer support and give you all the information you need to form a new WI.